A results call is scheduled so that we can review the findings from any preliminary feasibility studies, reviews or audits that we have conducted on behalf of the client.  This step is an important one in the process for every client.  It provides the opportunity to review the findings, ensure the client understands what the expectations and deliverable will be, collect any additional documentation necessary to move forward with the production process and confirm cost and payment.

This is not a step that can be bypassed in the sales and production processes.  An Advisor may feel that they have covered everything with their client and the client should move directly to production without this step taking place.  This is not the case because, there are internal checks, balances and hand off that must take place before a client can move to production and this call is the internal trigger for that process to begin.

We know that all Advisors want to provide the best experience possible for their Clients.  To ensure that this happens we must stick to a consistent process for production ensuring the end deliverable and entire client experience is one that we can be proud of as an Organization.