We often get asked when in the process an employee is submitted to the state for credit certification.   This is a great question and we have provided a breakdown below to explain the process and assist in Employer understanding of the process within the Client Portal

Step 1 - You, as the Employer, use the Client Portal to screen candidates for the WOTC. You enter them as a Candidate and then send the survey to them.  The Employee then completes the survey and you are notified in the Client Portal of any credit they potentially qualify for.

Step 2 - Upon marking the Candidate as "hired" (which moves them to the Employee category) candidates that potentially qualified automatically have their WOTC application filed with the State Workforce Agency (SWA) in compliance with the 28 day rule via the Client Portal for eligibility determination.

Step 3 - The SWA reviews the WOTC application and makes a determination of eligibility and returns the certification through the Client Portal. 

Step 4 - You, as the Employer, work with us to file your the credit with the IRS.

Please feel free to reach out to Client Support with any questions via email to clients@gmgsavings.com.