Each client has access to their Client Portal that will allow them to access their documents securely.  A Client may activate their Client Portal at anytime following creation of their Client Card and Presentation Pro being completed.  The Document Request will include a button to do so at the top. 

The Client is also sent an email to activate Client Portal upon completion of the Cost Segregation study.

You may also send the link if a Client needs it or cannot locate their notice to do so. Simply search for the client in your GMG Portal, open the Client Card and in the red are there will be a link that says Inactive Client Portal. 

Click the link in upper right hand corner where it says "Inactive Client Portal" and the link will be copied to your clipboard.

Lastly, a Client can activate their Client Portal via activating their WOTC service.  This is done via the Document Request or a WOTC Activation via Client Sign Up Page.

Email that link to your client and it will allow them to activate their Client Portal and securely access their documents.

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