Many of our staffing company clients use an extensive  Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and desire an application for hiring incentives that will integrate with their existing system.  We have two solutions available.  

The first one, and the one most commonly used by our clients, is an integration we’ve built that allows any client to insert the candidate survey process into their existing system without any additional programming or API work.  Our system will generate a unique candidate link that is specific to your company.  This link can be incorporated into your system as part of your application process (typically either as an email link for an existing email template you’re using, or add the link at the end of your web based employment application.)  This allows candidates to be surveyed without any additional record creation on your part.  This option is included in our software with no additional cost.  

The second way, is for us to write information back to your ATS provided it has an API, which most ATS have.  Our in house programming department will work with your IT staff to perform integrations at the level you desire.  We charge a flat hourly rate and can provide an estimate before beginning.  Costs will be variant dependent on the level of custom work desired.   

The vast majority of clients find option one as not only sufficient, but a streamlined and effective way to track and manage credits.

If you have any additional questions regarding integration of our WOTC system and your ATS please contact