Many of you are asking, "How do I know which program is best for clients?" "How can I get them started?", and many of you want these answers before beginning the process of reaching out to clients. 

The answer is simple

Each business and owner has their own specific situational circumstances and goals. For example:

  • What kind of entity is the business?
  • How many partners are there? Are they passive or active?
  • Do they owe future taxes, but haven't paid?
  • Do they owe future taxes, and have already pre-paid?
  • Have they paid in previous year's taxes, or do they currently owe?
  • Did they pay a separate pre-payment on the Owner's federal income taxes?
  • Is their goal to Eliminate future liability? Offset a separate large transaction? Or, free up immediate cash flow?

Because each client is as unique as their goals are, a broad solution can not be offered until we've worked directly with the client and reviewed their specific situation.  In doing this, we will work hand in hand with their tax professional to determine which would be the best course of action to meet the individual client's needs.

The only way to do this is to get them on a discovery call.