You will hear and see the term "Client Card" in multiple places.  The Client Card is the record associated with each of your Clients within the Portal. This is used for tracking purposes, updates from production, ability to send emails, etc. The below outlines how to find the Client Card and what each slice of the Client Card is for.  

Step 1- Login to the Portal at (use your assigned username and password)


Step 2 - Go to the My Clients Tab (upper right corner of the home page)


Step 3 - Search for a Client in the green search box or open a Client from the status desired (i.e. Leads, Surveyed, Signed or Production)



Step 4 - Select your Client off of the list that appears  -  This step causes your Client Client or record to Open



Step 5 - You may now view the Client Card and utilize it for proper Client tracking. 

The red slice at the top is for adding or editing contact informaiton, including adding contacts to the record, changing the primary contact, etc.

The white slice in the middle is for uploading documents, viewing estimating savings or fees and tracking document/activation status.

The grey section at the bottom is for viewing Next Steps and Activity (Notes, Email or Document Requests,) tracking.

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