An Elevator Pitch is a 30-60 second, well-crafted speech designed to sell a product, a service, or yourself.  

Well known business author Seth Godin says, "The purpose of an elevator pitch is to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you're with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over."

With the growth of technology, social media, and instant information, it has become more difficult to connect with other professionals and build new relationships.  By preparing an elevator pitch you put yourself at the ready to build those relationships when the opportunities arise.  

A good elevator pitch consists of 5 parts:

1.  Introduction

Before jumping in, you need to introduce yourself.  Who you are. 

2.  What You Do

Have a clear and simple understanding of what Stryde does.  Know your goals for your services.  Briefly introduce this.

3.  What's The Value / What Makes You Different

What does Stryde do exceptionally well that sets us and our services apart from others.  1-2 sentence statement about the value of the service to their clients.

4.  Grab Their Attention

Now is your chance to pull the prospect in with an exciting story about a client, an agent, or offer a fascinating fact or statistic about the services.

5.  What's Next

At this point you're going to have piqued interest and you can show them the video on on your phone and walk them through enrollment.

Write down your pitch word-for-word.  Start with the 5 part formula, and then tweak it so that it flows naturally.  Keep it short!  The tendency is to ramble ... which guarantees that people will stop listening.  After writing it out, read your elevator pitch over and over, like an actor preparing their lines.  Remember to work in adjustments according to the potential agent you are speaking to.  When it flows off your tongue, you'll sound confident and conversational.

Sample Agent Elevator Pitch

"I'm a Senior Advisor with Stryde Solutions.  I use the Stryde service offering to enhance my client's experience.  I'm able to offer them the benefit of cashflow, expense reduction, and additional financial services that I otherwise would not have access to.  This makes me unique, sets me apart from my competitors and opens doors to clients I otherwise would not have.  Bottom line, my business is thriving, my clients are happy, and I'm making more money!  I'd like to show you how you can do the same.  I've got a link here that will show you more ..."