Both the BSA Tool and the GMG Savings App are tools designed for Advisors to use with clients. Both are available via your computer or mobile device and allow access to vendor information and a variety of tools and resources. Also, both are updated from the vendor side so that the advisor always has the most up to date information.


It can be a little confusing at first to determine which is what, and when to use one over the other. Below is a quick run-down on the differences between both your BSA Tool and your GMG Savings App;

BSA Tool:

  • Developed by David Gross at QuadrantPoint

  • You can survey your client for all of the Blue Coast services in one spot

  • You can email your client agreements for them to Esign

  • You can take savings snapshots and save them

  • It has the “Next Steps” for each service so that you know what to expect

  • It outlines what documents you will need to collect from your client

  • It has introduction call booking capability

GMG Savings App

GMG Savings App:
  • Designed by GMG and specific to the Tax Incentives services 

  • Has basic and detailed presentations on each Tax Incentive service

  • Calculate Savings Estimates for clients and email them to yourself

  • Discovery Call booking capability

  • Recent Industry News

  • Share a Question/Tell a Story tool to share with GMG. These are often covered on their Podcasts!

  • Industry specific information

So when do you use the BSA Tool? When should you use your GMG App?

These are questions that are affected by what type client you are meeting with, what type of setting you are meeting them in, as well as what their industry and background are. Are you out on the golf course and only have a couple quick minutes? Is it a client that wants to sit down and go over all the details with you? What service are you leading in with?

For the client that only has 15 minutes, they want you to “give the meat” or “give a snapshot.” With these folks lead in with a flagship service and the GMG App is a convenience tool. Ultimately, at some point in time, you do want to end up with a full survey using your BSA Tool.

Determining these key factors will determine how you lead-in.

Last of all, make sure you are confident with using both tools. Know how to navigate your BSA and your GMG App. If that means spending time playing in your tools and practicing running through the calculations do that routinely to keep up with updates and changes.

There’s power in your hands so get in your BSA Tool and the GMG Savings App and get busy!

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