If you have taken any length of hiatus from your Blue Coast business then there is a very good chance that you are out of the loop with updates and changes to your Tool Box of services or the programs and resources available to you. 


Don't worry. The mere fact that you're reading this means you've either contacted Advisor Support or you're in the Resource Center and you'll be back up to speed soon.

Let's run through a simple checklist to get you up and running and up to date:

1. Send Advisor Support your Current Contact Information

If we don't have your current contact information we can't communicate with you. National Call Invites, Newsletters, Vendor Updates, Resource and Training Updates are all sent via email. Use the Contact Us section of the Resource Center to send us a note with your current contact info so we can make the necessary updates. If you want your information updated with any of the vendors that you've worked with or for your access to the GMG App do that as well.

2. Attend the National Calls / Read your Blue Coast Emails

With that said, if you are not currently reading the monthly Newsletters or attending the National Calls you are missing out on an integral piece in keeping current and up to date. On these calls housekeeping items are addressed by CEO Shawn Hull, important vendor/service information is released, and staying connected will keep your momentum moving forward. 

3. Get in to the Resource Center and Review your Documents & Resources

The Blue Coast Resource Center is our main tool that we use to share information with Advisors and provide you access to current training and vendor documents. You should be logging in from time to time to keep updated. If you do not have your login to the Resource Center contact Advisor Support. 

4. Connect with Vendors and get in on Training and Programs

There's various training calls, marketing programs, and vendor tools available to you. Determine the areas and services that you want to focus on or the clients you want to reach. The Flagship vendors, Worker's Comp and GMG, both have training and pre-set appointment options available. David Gross over at QuadrantPoint runs the BSA Tool that allows advisors to survey on all of the Blue Coast services, e-signature capability, "next steps" and lists documents needed. GMG has their Savings App that provides Industry specific information, Service Presentations, a Calculator, as well as Discovery Call Booking capability and other tools. 

There is a wealth of tools and resources available to you. It is up to you to determine how you will focus your energies and what's going to work best for your business and business structure. So get the information you need and get moving!

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