Introduction Calls or a Discovery Calls are essentially the same call in that you are booking a call for you and your client to meet with an expert and determine potential benefit for your client. You can do this a couple different ways.

Use your GMG Savings App to Book a Discovery Call - Click on the Discovery Icon within your app.

Use your GMG Portal to Book a Discovery Call - Click on My Clients Tab, Click on the Client Record or create a new client and run the survey.  Within the survey you are provided the option to book your discovery call.

After surveying the client, if potential savings are found, you'll be asked to book a discovery call.  Be sure to select the Timezone, Date and Time of the call. Then, click on the Confirm button. 

Click on the continue button. *IMPORTANT*  You must click on "Continue" in this window to complete your Discovery Call Booking. 

You MUST complete all pages after the calendar to save the Client survey and send document request.

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