Manufacturing Incentives Overview (R&D Tax Credit Study)

Our Manufacturing Incentives service is one of three flagship services making up our Specialized Incentives. 

We utilize a team of highly qualified professionals including IP attorneys with engineering backgrounds and adhere to the Comprehensive Project by Project Approach methodology as required by the IRS.  By following this methodology, we qualify every applicable employee, activity, hour spent and corresponding wage paid in order to maximize the incentive for our client.  We strictly adhere to the applicable sections of the code and provide first-in-class documentation to substantiate our findings.

Service Overview

The Manufacturing Incentives benefit is a Federal program designed for companies that perform manufacturing in the U.S.  This program is listed under Section 41 of the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) and continues to be amended on an annual basis as the U.S. manufacturing landscape continues to evolve.  This is an engineered based program that focuses on a company’s operations and processes in order to determine their qualification for incentives.  The Manufacturing Incentives benefit provides an avenue to receive ‘tax money’ back from prior years while also reducing current taxable income on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Targeted Industries

Manufacturing, Engineering, Software, Chemical & Pharmaceutical companies

Increased benefits are available for companies that are involved in:

Developing and improving quality and cost efficient solutions and processes

Quality assurance and testing

Engineering and design


Prototyping or modeling

Process improvement resulting in better productivity and turn around cycle

Specialized assembly processes using technology

Developing tooling applications and solutions

Product development and improvement

Minimum Requirements

A U.S. firm that:

Has $1.5M in annual payroll

AND, has paid Federal taxes within the last 3 years, or plan to in the current year

Sales Process

Collect signed service agreement and documents

Schedule Discovery Call using the GMG portal and upload all documents