Property Tax Review Overview

Our Property Tax Mitigation service is one of three flagship services making up our Specialized Incentives. 

Outside of income taxes, the single largest recurring charge for commercial property owners are Property Taxes.  In most states, owners are required to pay taxes on both their real estate as well as their personal property.  These charges are often an immense expense and a constant hit to their bottom line.  To be ensured clients are not being overcharged on Property Taxes, we use an industry specialist with extensive market experience in valuation, tax and law to perform their Property Tax Mitigation.

Service Overview

Most companies consider property taxes to be a fixed cost.  However, a review of real and personal property tax assessments often results in the identification of opportunities for lower property tax bills.  A property tax review can result in savings up to 10-25% or more of the total real and personal property taxes paid.  Savings identified in the current year are typically realized in future years as well.

Targeted Industries

Hotels, Retirement Homes, Manufacturing, Retail Plazas, Grocery, Office Complexes

Minimum Requirements

A commercial property that:

Has $50,000 ore more in real and personal property taxes annually

Sales Process

Collect signed service agreement and documents

Schedule Discovery Call using the GMG portal and upload all documents