Vendor Screening is an automated service that helps monitor vendors, verifying that they are in compliance with regulatory requirements. Pro-Compliance assists your client's vendors to remain compliant and continue to be viable vendors. For clients that have more than 400 or 500 vendors it is essential to use the Vendor Screening tool to stay compliant while reducing risk. And there's NO COST to the client. 

Companies in the following industries can benefit from this service: 

Vendor Screening

Food Distribution
Home Inspection
City & Military Agencies

To qualify companies must have a minimum requirement of at least 250 vendors. If you have a client that qualifies for the Vendor Screening service setup a call to present the service, understand what their screening needs are, and then collect their list of vendors. 

The 6 step process for getting your client set up with the Vendor Screening is as follows:
1. Get the client interested and engaged. Set up a closing call to Demo the service. 
2. Retrieve the vendor list from the client to Pro-Compliance can download into the system automatically. 
3. Get letter approved by the client before it gets sent to the vendors. 
4. Send the letters to vendors, they will have 10 days to respond Yes/No/Maybe. 
5. Get paid. 
6. Blue Coast will monitor all new vendors added every month through Pro-Compliance and pay advisors accordingly. Blue Coast will give every advisor an assigned number to use with ProCom for identification purposes so they can track each advisor and their vendors. 

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